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Selected publications

Kind B, Muster B, Staroske W, Herce HD, Sachse R, Rapp A, Schmidt F, Koss S, Cardoso MC, Lee-Kirsch MA. Altered spatio-temporal dynamics of RNase H2 complex assembly at replication and repair sites in Aicardi-Goutières syndrome. Hum Mol Genet. 2014; 23(22): 5950-60.


Kretschmer S, Wolf C, König N, Staroske W, Guck J, Häusler M, Luksch H, Nguyen LA, Kim B, Alexopoulou D, Dahl A, Rapp A, Cardoso MC, Shevchenko A, Lee-Kirsch MA. SAMHD1 prevents autoimmunity by maintaining genome stability. Ann Rheum Dis. 2014 Jan 29. doi: 10.1136/annrheumdis-2013-204845.


Tüngler V, Staroske W, Kind B, Dobrick M, Kretschmer S, Schmidt F, Krug C, Lorenz M, Chara O, Schwille P, Lee-Kirsch MA. Single-stranded nucleic acids promote SAMHD1 complex formation. J Mol Med (Berl.) 2013 Jun;91(6):759-70. doi: 10.1007/s00109-013-0995-3.


Ohrt T, Muetze J, Svoboda P, Schwille P. Intracellular localization and routing of miRNA and RNAi pathway components. Curr Top Med Chem 2012; 12(2):79-88.


Schwille P. Bottom-up synthetic biology: engineering in a tinkerer's world. Science 2011; 333(6047):1252-4.


Ohrt T, Staroske W, Mütze J, Crell K, Landthaler M, Schwille P. Fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy reveals mechanistic insights into the effect of 2'-O-methyl modified siRNAs in living cells. Biophys J 2011; 100(12):2981-90.


Sahoo H, Schwille P. FRET and FCS-friends or foes? Chemphyschem 2011; 25;12(3):532-41.


Yu SR, Burkhardt M, Nowak M, Ries J, Petrásek Z, Scholpp S, Schwille P, Brand M. Fgf8 morphogen gradient forms by a source-sink mechanism with freely diffusing molecules. Nature 2009; 461(7263):533-6.


Ries J, Yu SR, Burkhardt M, Brand M, Schwille P.
Modular scanning FCS quantifies receptor-ligand interactions in living multicellular organisms. Nat Methods 2009; 6:643-645.


Ohrt T, Mütze J, Staroske W, Weinmann L, Höck J, Crell K, Meister G, Schwille P. Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy reveal the cytoplasmic origination of loaded nuclear RISC in vivo in human cells. Nucleic Acids Res  2008; 36(20):6439-49.

Kim SA, Heinze KG, Schwille P. Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy in living cells. Nat Methods 2007; 4:963-973.

Bacia K, Schwille P. Practical guidelines for dual-color fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy. Nat Protoc 2007; 2:2842-2856.

Bacia K, Kim SA, Schwille P. Fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy in living cells. Nat Methods 2006; 3:83-89.

Kim SA, Heinze KG, Waxham MN, Schwille P. Intracellular calmodulin availability accessed with two-photon cross-correlation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2004; 101:105-110.


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